Monday, June 4, 2012

Wanted: The Lost History of Le Mans #2

Image courtesy of Cadillac & LaSalle Club member, Jim Jordan
     At left is an advertisement promoting the display of what was the second of four Cadillac Le Mans concept cars built. Le Mans number two was originally painted metallic silver-blue with a matching interior, but by August/September 1953 its color scheme was changed to a black exterior and a yellow interior.
     If any readers of this blog have original photos of any of the four Cadillac Le Mans, the author would appreciate hearing from you. Those taken by visitors to an auto show where the car was shown are of most interest, though any uncommon GM publicity photographs would certainly be of interest. Also, if any reader actually worked for GM and has some interesting history about the car or any of the other Motorama concepts to share please email me.
     Ultimately, I would like to determine whether or not this particular Le Mans still exists. See my earlier posting to this blog for more information about this car here:  Le Mans # 2: Nearly Forgotten

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